Christian Education — Sunday School

We offer many opportunities to learn and grow in our knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and these are just a sampling of what we offer...and more is to come.

Sunday School for Young Children (Preschool - 5th Grade)

Our spirited Sunday morning class for young children includes students from pre-school to fifth grade.  By reading Bible stories together, making crafts and playing games, we nurture our children’s faith by engaging their imaginations.  The ratio of adults to children is very high, usually no more than 1:2.  We have a lot of movement, singing, talking, activity and FUN!

Deeper Waters (6th-8th Grade)

Education_DeeperWaters.JPGHeld for middle-school-aged students who are ready to go deeper in their journey of faith, Deeper Waters is our ministry with “tweens.” We meet on Sunday mornings for learning opportunities and Wednesday evenings for social and service events.  We have fun, we wrestle with tough questions, we serve each other and our neighbors—and we invite our friends to join us!

If students at the end of their eighth-grade year choose to affirm their baptismal vows—or become baptized if they weren’t baptized as very young children—they may do so in a special worship service late in spring (traditionally called confirmation).

Youth in Conversation (9th-12th grade)

All high school youth are invited to join in conversation, Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in Faith Room.  Class is for all those in high school and above.

Devotional Rack

In the main gathering area between our worship and social spaces, we maintain a rack of booklets and pamphlets to help you grow in your journey of faith.  Some are focused around particular scriptures, some are written about particular topics.  Some are written to encourage and gently advise us when we’re dealing with pain, stress or loss.  Some are for adults, some are for children.  All are free—for you and/or for someone you think might need a special word.

Learning and Study Opportunities for Adults

Education-Adults.JPGWe continue to learn and grow in our faith as long as we draw breath, not just when we’re young.  Since many adults learn in different ways, we have a number of different groups for adults to learn and study.  On Sunday mornings we hold a Bible study.  Other opportunities held previously included a weekday class on discipleship (called Growing Disciple), a weeknight discussion of how we think and talk about God in a modern world (called Theology on Tap because we meet at local pubs/breweries), and an in-depth study of how to share our faith—and why we should (called Unbinding the Gospel).  These and/or other studies will be available in the future.

Vacation Bible School

VBS2.JPGOne week out of the summer, our church building is transformed into someplace else where children and adults learn together about God.  We’ve taken to the skies and learned how everything is possible with God; we’ve been to kingdoms where kids stand strong for God.  We’ve even gathered under ancient Baobab trees to tell stories about God with each other.  No matter the theme, our Vacation Bible School is a time of music, games, stories, scripture and service to each other and to the State College community.  In the past, it has been held toward the end of July and during the evenings.  VBS is always open to any child, is always free, and is a ton of fun.  Come join us to see where the adventure of faith will take us this year! Read more on our VBS Page

Please contact Lena with ideas or questions about Christian education:

Trisha Hunt, [email protected]